Fiza Faris is a senior student at Newton International Academy. She enjoys academics as much as she enjoys sports. She loves immersing herself into the political world through Model United Nations and into the fantasy world in many fictional books that she has read over the years. She loves challenging herself with new complexities and never backs down from a challenge. She loves capturing the scenic views she comes across in her travels and she enjoys meeting new people from different cultural backgrounds. She believes that different people have different stories to share that help you see the world better and be more grateful about life.

Haneen Al Saify is a chemical engineer who followed her passion to inspire everyone around her positively in different fields such as fashion, makeup and lifestyle. In short time, Haneen reached a huge number of followers and popularity in instagram especially in Qatar.

Haneens role in social media is to share her everyday life, new trends, new ideas that makes girls life easier.


Haneen believes in social media influencers responsibility towards society that's why she is involved in raising awareness toward cancer with Qatar Cancer Society and Hifz Al Naama, which is a social center that collects excess food and furniture to distribute it to people in need

Mohannad Bitar came to light as Mr. TIQ in 2016. After foreseeing success through This Is Qatar, founded in 2015 and through Qonnect, the networking and charity event in 2015, it motivated him to create a platform to extend his personal social media platform to Mr. TIQ to share his journeys, adventures, personal experiences, and most importantly to be interactive with his followers. This gives his audience a more personal insight of his day to day life as a young entrepreneur and as the founder of This Is Qatar. 

Mr Mohannad’s mission is to inspire creativity and to create valuable and original content that will motivate and project positivity.  Mr Mohannad aims to update the education system in the long run and to reduce pollution around the world. He considers himself a #citizenoftheworld.

Setareh Raeisi is an Iranian, living in Doha. She studied engineering, thinking programming is the maximum she would like to do. She holds a Masters in Business Administration. Among her impressive achievements is entrepreneurship and becoming a health coach. Today she is a lifestyle influencing figure who is doing much more than facing a personal computer!

Nadia is an 18-year-old intern working in Newton International Academy as a Primary Support. Nadia, therefore, has interests in drawing, calligraphy, writing and photography. Nadia has also achieved certificates for the English language during her high school years. Not to mention being Prefect for 2 years in a row. Nadia has interest in teaching kids and loves to see how mysterious they are.

Asma Muhammad is a senior IB student from Doha British School (DBS). She’s an individual that holds a fervour for a multitude of activities. She's notably active in leadership roles, acquiring numerous positions. She was appointed as her school’s Model United Nations (MUN) Secretary-General and this year is MUN President. In this role, she markets MUN, manages paperwork and teaches conference procedure (international and local) to over a hundred students weekly. Subsequently, Asma is the President of a club she initiated, Wordsmiths, in pursuit of sharing her delight for poetry, public speaking and story-telling. The notion was to give students a safe space to express themselves emotionally. Furthermore, she’s currently the Team Manager of Impulse in her school’s Formula 1, a renowned club for students to manufacture and market their own cars.

Aditya Thakur has been playing guitar since  7 years of age.He is currently pursuing diploma in Acoustic Guitar from London College of Music.


Aditya has performed at various National & International platforms in both electric & acoustic guitars ranging from solo, duet and group ensemble. The performances have been indoor and outdoor concerts in several countries viz.,UAE, Qatar and Georgia. He was invited by Mall of Qatar in 2018 to perform in Season 2 of Qatar’s Best Talents. He had also represented Qatar in International festival “Art Folk Festival “ held in Georgia,organized by UNESCO, where he had performed an acoustic piece and a duet. In addition, he was a participant of the first Qatar National Music Competition wherein he performed an acoustic single, and a group ensemble. As Director of Music,he founded the music club at his school.


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