Proud to be bringing you the most inspirational speakers from every background

MASHAD CHOWDHURY, a promising and dedicated student here at NIA, who most of us admire and look up to. Being someone who is inspirational, he will be speaking about 'being the friend I want to be friends with'

 Mr Haroon Yasin is a student from Georgetown, who has supported the idea for equal educational opportunities. He has also gotten the Queens Young Leaders Award in 2018 for supporting the provision of educational opportunities for all young adults. He is the founder of the Orenda project - his project to build sustainable classrooms in slums. 

Andrew Jose is a student in Grade 12 at GEMS American Academy – Qatar. He founded QINOCON (the Qatar Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference),

a business conference targeting students passionate about Entrepreneurship in Qatar at his school. He loves to play the guitar, sing, code, graphic design and manage events, and organizations. He loves to be excellent in everything he does.

More commonly known as "Mr.Q, your friendly neighbourhood Qatari", is one of Qatar's most prolific figures from the younger generation.

Khalifa Saleh Al Haroon founded the country's most popular digital network of websites which include iLoveQatar.net, Qatar events, Qatar news, and a fast-growing YouTube content network.

XIHUITL PEREZ, also known as Nina, she is originally from Mexico. However, Qatar had been her home for the past 14 years. She loves to speak to the youth and believes everyone can make a difference if he or she tries. She will be talking about the E-factor and hopes to motivate you all!!


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